GSC-I/O-BASE: Genetec Input/Output Plugin Base License

GSC-I/O-BASE: Genetec Input/Output Plugin Base License

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This integration allows a user to configure input/output groups, assign inputs and outputs to those groups, and assign group security. 

A tile plugin allows the user to manage inputs and outputs in the I/O groups which they have access to.  The user can view the current state of inputs and outputs and toggle outputs on/off as needed without the need for zones or hot actions.


  • Allows user to configure input/output groups for users.
  • Allows a user to monitor inputs and outputs for I/O Groups which they have access to.
  • Allows users to toggle outputs on/off


Version and Ordering Information

Partner Product Code: GSC-I/O-BASE

Version and Compatibility: Security Center 5.7 and higher