GSC-FLIR-NEXUS-BASE: Genetec & FLIR Nexus Plugin Base License

GSC-FLIR-NEXUS-BASE: Genetec & FLIR Nexus Plugin Base License

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The integration allows Security Center to receive events from the FLIR Nexus platform and trigger custom events within Security Center.

Typically, a large organization may be using a system for Access Control and Video, and a separate system for video analytics and site surveillance.  This integration allows the organization to integrate their existing video analytics solution into Security Center, allowing for a single, centralized interface.


  • Allows centralized monitoring for events across an organization
  • Supports FLIR FDIC devices that contain the NEXUS platform
  • Reduces response time allowing an operator to receive events from one centralized system

Version and Ordering Information

Partner Product Code: GSC-FLIR-NEXUS-BASE

Version and Compatibility: Up to Security Center 5.7 SR6

License Certificate Requirements: 1 certificate per plugin role and 1 certificate for each client