GSC-GLIR-PIP-BASE: Genetec & FLIR PIP Plugin Base License

GSC-GLIR-PIP-BASE: Genetec & FLIR PIP Plugin Base License

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The integration allows Security Center to connect to Flir thermal cameras that have dual imagers and allows the user to flip between imagers in real time. 

The plugin identifies eligible cameras and enables a menu option to allow the user to iterate between the thermal image and the color image. A small image of the stream not in use will be displayed in the upper left hand corner, creating a Picture in Picture feature


  • Allows viewing of multiple Images in a single tile
  • Allows for quick iteration through multiple imagers


Version and Ordering Information

Partner Product Code: GSC-FLIR-PIP-BASE

Version and Compatibility: Security Center 5.7 and higher

License Certificate Requirements: 1 certificate for each client.