GSC-LSP-BASE: Genetec & LifeSafety Plugin Base License

GSC-LSP-BASE: Genetec & LifeSafety Plugin Base License

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The integration allows the user to manage their LifeSafety Power FPO and M8 devices from Genetec. This includes receiving alarms from the devices and facilitating alarms, custom events, and/or email notifications when received.

The plugin reduces the pain point of managing multiple systems while introducing the ability to run tests and receive real-time notifications of hardware issues.


  • Central management of all LSP devices connected to a NL4 or NL2 network module.
  • Real-time viewing of FPO and M8 board information.
  • Ability to modify M8 and FPO settings such as battery information, and output settings.
  • Ability to run battery tests on FPO boards.
  • Event to Action programming available for custom events that are raised by LSP device alerts.
  • Email notification based on alerts received from LSP devices.