GSC-QUICK-BASE: Genetec Quick Select Plugin Base License

GSC-QUICK-BASE: Genetec Quick Select Plugin Base License

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This integration allows Security Center to quickly grant and deny access to Genetec Doors via "Drag & Drop" functionality.

The plugin presents a custom task that allows a user to select a cardholder from a predefined pool and "drop" them onto a Door. This then grants the cardholder access to the door and vice versa. There is a map of the area for visual reference.

The configuration screen allows a administrator to define what Genetec Areas will be affected and define the pool of available cardholders.


  • Allows for the quick management of access control
  • Uses Genetec map for quick visual reference
  • Alleviates management pain points


Version and Ordering Information

Partner Product Code: GSC-QUICK-BASE

Version and Compatibility: Security Center 5.7