GSC-SIGHTLOGIX-1SENSOR: Genetec SightLogix Plugin SightSensor Camera Connection

GSC-SIGHTLOGIX-1SENSOR: Genetec SightLogix Plugin SightSensor Camera Connection

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The SightLogix Security Center Plugin combines the video analytical events generated from SightLogix’s SightSensor cameras with Security Center.  Analytical events are passed from the camera to Security Center for additional processing.  Targets being tracked by the camera can also be plotted on Security Center’s Map Manager.

The plugin allows users the ability to select SightLogix cameras to be monitored, adjust analytic parameters, specify event routing, and configure alarm or bookmark creation upon analytic event from a custom task in Security Desk, providing the analytics capabilities of SightLogix SightSensor cameras and streamlining the configuration process.


  • Configure settings for each camera
  • Analytic parameters such as height, width, and speed.
  • Capture object entered, exited, and crossed line analytic events
  • Trigger Genetec alarm for event
  • Create camera bookmark for event
  • Display targets within Security Center Map Manager
  • Configure area to display targets being tracked by the SightLogix camera
  • NOTE: This feature requires Advanced Plan Manager


Version and Ordering Information

Partner Product Code: GSC-SIGHTLOGIX-1SENSOR

Version and Compatibility: Security Center 5.6 and higher