GSC-TWIC-BASE: Genetec TWIC Plugin Base License

GSC-TWIC-BASE: Genetec TWIC Plugin Base License

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This integration allows Security Center to retrieve  a list of canceled TWICs from the Department of Homeland Security and removes and cardholders with a credential on the list to be removed from any configured groups. 

The plugin attempts to get the Cancel list from a configured file path or from the DHS website.

Using a Configuration screen, the plugin will remove a cardholder that contains the canceled card and remove it from any configured groups.

The integration also includes a Custom report that is built against data that is inserted by a mobile card reader.


  • Allows Organization compliance by DHS
  • Allows reporting on data provided by external peripherals
  • Plugin to be used in conjunction with the Pref-Tech TWIC mobile App


Version and Ordering Information

Partner Product Code: GSC-TWIC-BASE 

Version and Compatibility: Security Center 5.7